Callaway Family Association Members Website

January 19, 2016 at 8:02 PM

Welcome to the ‘Members Only’ Callaway Family Association (CFA) Website. Here we are willing to share all of the information that has been collected over the years by the Association with our members. This includes public records, Courthouse records, personal and hired professionals researching for the CFA (Census and DNA).

All non-script data is searchable.

If you visit the Sign Up page, you will see that the cost of being a member is very minimal, but the data you can view is extensive. You can pay via Credit Card or Paypal after you use the PAYPAL checkout button. There is also a form that can be printed and mailed in. 

We have:

Current Monthly CFA Newsletters – you can subscribe by contacting our editor as stated on the right side of this page or access the current CFA Newsletter with the link below that.

Archived Monthly CFA Newsletters – see all of the newsletters from years past

CFA Pictures from various CFA events (in progress) – Pictures from yearly CFA meetings – We will update as we collect more pictures from members

Photos – Collection of photos from history and Athens & Wilkes County, GA

CFA Journals (1975 – 2017) or synopsis of the Journals – A quick look at what is in the journals and access to all the journals online (searchable PDF Files).

1790 – 1930 US Census Data – CFA purchased the Census Data and will share it with CFA members

Callaway Family Research that was collected in England – Three CFA members spent a lot of time in England searching and copying Callaway documents. Here are the documents that were collected by Sherrill Williams and scanned into searchable PDF files.

Callaway English Records – Collection of records from England

Caillouet / Kellaway English Research – Ancient history of the Family

Callaway Family Crest Discussions – History of the Callaway Family Crest

Callaway Family Memoirs – Stories from CFA members

Callaway Family Moments in Time

Callaway Family Stories

Callaway DNA Project information

Callaway Genealogy Documents

Callaway Genealogy Archived Queries

Caillouet/Kellaway Chronicles – Early years

Callaway/Kellaway Medieval Family Tree – 23 generations from 1000 A.D.

LaGrange Callaway Genealogical Records Scanned by the Archives and represent our CFA Genealogical Records. This includes English Trip Records from English trips, Peter Callaway Records, Joseph Callaway Records, Misc. and Callaway Records.

5 Generation Charts of CFA members – information from CFA members.

We hope you find this information useful and we welcome all our new members. This website can also be used to renew your membership. 

2018 Callaway Family Association Annual Meeting Preview

Our meeting in 2018 will be held in San Antonio, Texas the first week of October. Please mark your calendars and we will update you with information as it becomes available.