Star Membership

Being a CFA Star Member is an award of appreciation. The purpose of Star Membership is to encourage members to provide detailed and documented information about their Callaway ancestry. CFA believes that this level of participation will greatly help to fill in sections of the ancestry of the Callaway family, and help researchers who come after us to continue the work. This kind of commitment to genealogy research is the very best source for us to gather documented Callaway ancestry.

Those who qualify for Star Membership are awarded CFA Star Membership pins. These are given out at the annual meetings if the star members are able to attend, or mailed to them if not. There is of course no additional charge to become a star member. It is rather an expression of appreciation for the extra work it took to accomplish, and the benefit it will provide. We have quite a few Star Members now, and we appreciate the work done on behalf of the Callaway Family by all of them.

After you have attained the Star member classification, you will remain a star member as long as your membership is active.

Star Membership Requirements

1. Biographical Data of Callaway Descendant

2. Five Generation Pedigree Chart (or as far back as lineage is known)

3. Family Group Records (Include 1 sheet for each generation)

4. Written or Videotape or Audio Autobiography (from birth to present day)

5. A Minimum of 3 Photographs of Applicant at Various Ages

After completion of requirements, mail items 1-5 to:

Connie Sherrill
CFA Star Membership Application
Box 32
Strong, AR 71765

Her e-mail address is cbs_1 at

If you would like to download genealogy forms, click on the link below.  

Family Tree Magazine Genealogy Forms